Friday 23 September 2016


Anytime I try a new workout I feel it the next day. It's all the different muscles that get woken up that you haven't used that way in awhile. I can feel yesterday's workout all across my back, arms, sides and legs. 

When your sore from a workout it's easy to think, I'll just skip today. Let my body recover. 

That is the absolute worst thing you can do for your muscles that are recovering from a new workout. Not moving is actually going to make you more sore. So get up and do some stretches. Get the blood moving. It doesn't have to be an intense workout. Today's Yoga was perfect! 20 minutes of stretching and I feel so much better. 

Yes I'm still a little sore. I can feel that I worked hard yesterday. But I'm not longer stiff and achy. I feel more energetic. 

Make sure to drink lots of water when your sore. That will help to flush out the lactic acid your muscles have kicked out. You don't want to reabsorb that cause it will make you more sore. 

And if your really still sore take a bath with some Epson salts and let that help to loosen up and relax those muscles.

Being sore means your body is changing and you are getting stronger!! Get up and get moving, stretch, drink lots of water and soak in an Epson salt bath to help you recover quicker!! But don't take the day off and be inactive - that will only make the soreness last longer.

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