Sunday, 27 January 2019

Do you Donate?

Everyone needs a hand to hold sometimes.
It's hard to believe I have been a donor since 2000! 
But even before that I remember going with my Dad when he would donate.
I don’t think I really understood what he was doing other than it was helping people.
Anna came with me today and it was kinda a full circle moment.
She had lots of questions and kept asking if it hurt.
I kept reassuring her that it didn’t, but she insisted on holding my hand.
She is a great little nurse 💕
She even saw two of her friends grandparents there donating too and talked to them about it.
I thinks it’s great to see so many people in the community out donating.
It's amazing to think that you have the ability to save someone's life with your donation. 
That in less than an hour of your time could save someone's life.
They used to say Blood - it's in you to give. 
But now it’s Together, we are Canada’s lifeline.
It’s because of donations that someone else is able to wake up healthy!!
Which is an awesome thing to be able to do for someone!!!
Do you donate??

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