Friday, 25 January 2019

It's not always easy, even for me

Some people think this is easy for me. 
Because I do it all the time.
Because it’s my job.
But it’s not easy for me!!!
It’s hard to get up early.
It’s hard to raise two healthy, happy kids.
It’s hard to make time for yourself everyday.
But you know what’s harder?? 
Feeling like 💩!!!
Being exhausted all the time!!!!
Not having the energy to live your life the way you want to!
Hating who you see in the mirror! (Watch today’s story for more about that)
The fact that you aren’t where you want to be should be motivation enough to make a change.
I know it was for me.
One day I was just sick and tired of being sick and tired.
So I made a change.
I set some goals.
I kept showing up until I met those goals.
Then I set some new ones.
One thing I have learned. . . . 
No goals ➡️ No growth.
No growth ➡️ No progress. 
No progress ➡️ No Happiness.
Listen, it’s not all about weight loss!!
It’s about braking through barriers, mental barriers that hold us back from who and what we can truly be!
It’s about seeing who we are in the mirror!!
Loving who we are!
Seeing the positive, and not focusing on all the things we don’t like or want to change.
You need to love yourself where you are at, otherwise, even if you loose the weight, you still won’t love yourself.
In our groups we focus on so much more than weight loss.
One of the ways we track our progress is through daily transformers.
Each and every workout is different each day, but the transformers, 60 second challenges throughout the workout, stay the same.
So every Monday you will see the same three moves. 
And you push yourself to beat your previous weeks numbers.
So you can see your progress in ways that aren’t always reflected on the scale.
So today there is A LOT of celebrating!!!
Even if you you just improved one number in one of the transformers- YOU MADE PROGRESS!!!
And each week we will celebrate our progress!!
I’m not saying it’s easy.
Nothing worth having ever came easy!
But I promise, it is worth it!!!
To see those numbers creep up is a pretty amazing feeling!!!

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