Wednesday 23 January 2019

My Journey as a Coach

It's crazy how when you're going through life nothing really seems like it's drastically changing but when you look back nothing is the same.
This coaching journey has reminded me of that time and time again!
I don’t like to share my income, to be honest, it makes me uncomfortable to talk about, and I never want someone to think that I started this business for the income.
But I’ve gotten so many questions this weekend in my info group about what I do as a coach and how I was able to leave my full time pharmacy job to be an online health and fitness coach that I thought I should share the potential.
If I’m honest, I really don’t share it enough.
I'm also feeling very blessed this weekend as we continue our packing to love into our new home. 
It is my hope, that this post inspires and pushes a few of you that have *thought* about giving coaching a shot but haven't quite made the leap of faith yet. 
The first two weeks of this year I have earned $7,208.28 for my family. 
It still amazes me that by putting my heath and fitness first, that by taking care of me, I was able to turn my fitness into a full time business that had been a huge blessing for my family. 
Again, I'm not putting this out there to brag... I have a knot in my stomach right now just sharing it... but I truly want to inspire others to give this a shot who may have a similar story to mine.
I loved my job as a pharmacist. I loved helping people get healthy and feel better. But as I my family grew I saw that I was having less and less time to spend with them. 
My mornings were rushed and I was exhausted in the evenings. I was living for the weekends and I worked most of those too. 
I was getting tired of not being home for supper and getting home just in time to tuck them into bed. Or sometimes even after they went to bed.
I knew that as they got older I would be missing homework and after school activities because I was at work. I didn’t want to miss out on everything. I didn’t want to see videos of soccer goals, I wanted to see them. I wanted to be there.
Then coaching came along. I already knew I loved the programs. They gave me my body and my confidence back after both pregnancies. 
But I was still unsure about “being a coach” and sharing my story.
So I became a coach for the discount. I was on maternity leave and I needed to save where I could, but I wasn’t going to give up on my fitness. Not this time.
I saw others being successful and figured it was worth a shot... worst case, I save 25% on something I was already doing and continued to get healthy for my family.
Then, after a few months of watching my team, I saw the potential. 
I saw people quitting their full time jobs as nutritionists, flight attendants, teachers, nurses, and computer programmers.
I saw people earning 6 figures. 
I saw a solution and I made a run for it.
It’s now a passion and so much more! 
I work on my OWN fitness goals - holding myself accountable to NOT falling back in to those unhealthy habits because I have support from my amazing team! 
At the same time, I’m helping others discover their fullest potential with their health and fitness goals and getting paid to do it! 
I’ve grown into a leader, a mentor and a completely CHANGED person with gained knowledge, confidence, and a positive outlook on everything and it has completely changed my LIFE!!!
And... I started at the BOTTOM. 
The very bottom!!! 
I made nothing my first few months as a coach. 
Not because our programs aren’t amazing.
But because I was TERRIFIED to start. 
Terrified to share my journey and my story. 
I thought who could I inspire? 
I’m just a mom who learned to love herself by working on herself at home.
And you know what???
I did inspire people!!
Each and every day I shared a little and helped a few more people.
And this little discount fitness thing grew into a real business!!
So I'm done hiding this opportunity because I could never quite figure out what to say or how to share. 
I want to show others how I got to where to where I am today!!
I am currently running a Behind the Scenes Info Group and today we talk income and exactly HOW you can do that with this business!!
If you would like to learn more about this business, how to earn, what it can do for you, and what being an Unstoppable Fitness coach entails, then I would love to have you join me and a couple of my teammates!! 
Send me a message and I can add you to the group to learn more!!
And I’m sure you already know this but I have to include it since I talked about income ..... Team Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.
Makes sense to me. You have to put in the work in ANY business!!

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