Wednesday 16 January 2019

My Morning Routine

Morning Routine

What helps me wake up early???

It’s simple, I LOVE what I do!!!

It lights me up!!!

Most days I wake up BEFORE my 5 am alarm because I am just bursting with ideas!!!

But it wasn’t always this way!!!

I went through a serious funk for well over a year!!!

And it was right at the same I had decided to start coaching from home full time.

All of a sudden I had no pressure of being somewhere on someone else’s schedule.

And while that seemed like an amazing thing at the time, it turns out I needed that time frame!

Without it, I started letting myself sleep later, because I didn’t HAVE to wake up at 5 am.

But then 5 became 6, which became 7, which became me still sleeping when my kids were waking up at 7:30!!!

Let me tell you, that started the day in a 100% reactive state and it was not pretty.

It was rushing, and shouting, and frustration, on both ends.

And it took me a long time to pull myself out of that cycle.

It wasn’t like I didn’t WANT to get up and get my stuff done, I just knew I didn’t HAVE to.

That I could do it later.

Which was all the excuse I needed when the alarm went off.

Snooze, snooze, turn it off.

So how was I able to turn it around???

How am I able to wake up excited again??

Well, it took WORK!!!

Asking for HELP!!


And it took, not beating myself up if I did sleep through my alarm.

Because I do LOVE sleep!!

Truth be told, most nights I crawl into bed as soon as I finish reading the kids their Harry Potter chapter.

It’s taken me a while to realize how much sleep I actually need, and if that means 9 pm is bedtime, that’s ok with me.

Creating a morning routine that I enjoyed was the first step in taking my mornings back!

The Miracle Morning was a HUGE help!!!!

It helped me learn the foundation of a morning routine.


Morning Routine

They don’t have to be in that order, but they have all become a part of my morning routine.

But just knowing what to do wasn’t enough for me.

I still kept telling myself I could do it later.

This is where Mel Robbins - 5 Second Rule saved me!!!

It was her book that actually taught me how to launch myself out of bed!!

Again, it wasn’t overnight.

And I had to give myself grace on the days I slept, but overtime I have been able to create a routine that works for me!

Morning Routine

This is what my mornings look like now.

The Five Minute Journal - my morning gratitude, goals and affirmations to start my day

Wake up juice - aka my plant based pre workout 

Personal development - currently rereading Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Habits with the ladies in my Diamond Internship

My laptop - that enables me stream my workouts and build this business in my workout clothes

The Step - to help me #Riseup and Transform

My Tracker - the only way to know your are making progress is to know where you started from

Wifi - so I can reach all of you from the comfort of my home.

If you are struggling with your morning routine, I encourage you to check out Miracle Morning. 

It was a game changer for me!! 

And now, like I said, I’m actually awake before my alarm and excited for my day!!

Morning Routine

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