Sunday, 10 February 2019

Coach Confessions

Coach confessions.
This week has been challenging for me.
I have not felt like myself.
I have been close to tears more times than not.
I have been quiet here on social media.
I have slept more than usual.
I’ve shown up for my workouts but they have not been my best.
It’s just been an off week.
Today, as I finished my balance workout, my trainer asked me to back on the week.
To write down all the wins from the week, forgot about anything that didn’t go well.
As I looked back I could see that I showed up for myself every single day.
It might not have been at my usual 6 am, it might not have been my best effort, but I SHOWED UP!!!
I did what I could each and every day this week.
Today’s workout was exactly what I needed.
A chance to just centre myself, get rebalanced and look back and reflect.
It was a chance to see that it would have been easy to skip that me time this week, but I CHOSE to show up for myself.
Even if it was just 20 minutes each day.
And that is something to be proud of and to celebrate!!!
If you’re like me, and had a challenging week please take a few minutes this weekend and look back on all the wins YOU had!!!
Write them down so you can SEE all those wins!!!
Be proud of them! Celebrate them!!!
Know that you are amazing and you are doing the best you can!!! 💕

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