Saturday 2 February 2019

Creating a Better YOU to be a Better Parent

Taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your kids!!! ⭐️
What a great reminder for us, through the chaos and busy-ness that comes along with being a parent. 
That in order to take the very best care of our family we NEED to make the time to first show up for US that so we can fill our cup to then use the overflow to pour into our loved ones.!!
You can’t give from an empty cup.
I think back a few years, before this coaching opportunity came into mg life....
I was stressed to the max, home on maternity leave, a extremely busy totddler and a baby who didn’t sleep!!!
I was exhausted and could not, for the life of me, understand how adding a 25 minute workout to my day could possibly give me more energy.
But, I was miserable, tired, cranky, frustrated at extra 20 pounds on my body and snapping at any moment because my cup was completely empty. 😢
It was so eye opening to me how when I started to pencil that 25 minute workout time into my calendar each day just for ME to move and fuel my body (even though I didn’t think I could possibly fit it in and sometimes that time changed due to uncooperative naps)
That I found myself feeling healthier, stronger, and HAPPIER!!!
I was even accomplishing more throughout the day, spending more quality TIME with my babies and feeling more JOY and creativity than I had in years!
I was no longer that exhausted mom putting Netflix on for the kids all day.
I was energetic, motivated and filling up our days with activities and only dates instead of trying to sleep on the couch! 
And the best part, my babies saw that my light was back and that mom was truly HAPPY!!!
Experiencing that shift is what helped me realize that taking care of ME is the best possible way I can show up to care for the people I love most...and as the best possible version of me.
It’s not selfish to make time for your health and it doesn’t take time away from your family.
Heck, they can even join in or do their own thing 🤸‍♀️ while you do yours (check out my stories to see what went down this morning) 😂
It’s necessary, life changing and will help you experience more love and fulfillment with your family than ever before. ⭐️

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