Monday, 4 February 2019

Training for Life

The only event I train for is LIFE!!!
So often I’m asked what I’m training for.
Honestly, I’m not training for anything other than to live my life!!
There is no one event, one photo shoot, one trip, or one anything I’m training for.
There is no crash dieting or excessive workout regime.
When we invited my in-laws to come on the cruise with us this March, my mother in-law instantly said..... “I better start working on some self improvements”.
I never want to feel that way.
That I need to “get ready” or “improve” myself for a vacation or any event in life.
Every day I am training to be the best me possible!
I live my life wanting to be healthy and happy at all time so I’m ready for whatever it throws at me!
This is a life long journey for me, not a training period.
Life is too amazing to not be ready for it!!

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