Thursday 14 February 2019

You Got This, Mama!

You Got this Mama!!
I’ve had no less that 10 people tell me this in the last 24 hours 😂
Maybe you need to hear it too.
Most days you can come to my page and see something motivating, inspiring, educational or humorous.
And I do like to keep things positive.
But please know that social media is a highlight reel.
The not so great stuff can get glossed over.
Not every day is a great day.
And I don’t have everything together.
My life, is not prefect by any means.
You may guess by the fact that it’s 2 in the afternoon and this is the first you are hearing from me today, that today has been less than stellar.
I just want to keep it real with all of you.
Let me tell you, moving can be stressful!!!
And people deal with stress differently.
Some yell, some go quiet, some throw stuff, go for a walk.....
Me, I go quiet and I usually sleep.
I went to bed at 8:30 last night. 
Turned off my alarm this morning and snuggled with the kidswhen they got up and then took them to school.
I came home, slept on the couch until 1.
How’s that for motivating and inspiring?!?!
But then I got myself up and knew I needed to pull myself out of this funk. 
It wasn’t doing anyone any good, least of all myself.
I headed downtowns, determined to get my 20 minute workout done before the kids were done school.
Got to my workout space only to find bits of clear plastic all over the carpet.
Turns out the kids found an outdoor snowman decoration and “danced” with him. 
They left behind a trail of artificial snow beads.
So for someone who, is already about 8 hours behind her normal routine, and already feeling like crap, it was a little frustrating to see that I would have to vacuum before I started my workout.
Cause barefeet and plastic beads aren’t a great mix 🤣
My point is....
Not everyday is great.
Not everyday is perfect.
Stress is part of life and we all deal with it in our own way.
But know that you will survive it.
It will get better.
Because Mama, You Got This!!!!
And so do I!!!
Basement vacuumed, wake up juice drank, workout about to go down!!!

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