Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Let's Talk Accountability!

Let’s talk about accountability.
The most underrated, yet possibly the MOST powerful aspect of becoming a Coach!!
Staying consistent in your health and fitness journey is hard!!
Staying consistent in your nutrition can be harder.
But what if everyday you were taught to document your journey?? 🤔
The good, the bad, the ugly!!
The days you rocked and the days you slept in (like today).
While there are many ways that this business has absolutely changed my life, it’s THIS aspect of accountability that has transformed my health. 
While I’m not perfect, I wake up everyday and hold myself accountable to this process. 
I’m accountable to you. 
To those that follow me. 
And to every single member of my Fit Fam!!
That little bit of added pressure is the game-changer. 
Don’t ever underestimate that!!!
I have had sooooooo many days over the last 5 years where it would have been easy to say F-It, I’ll just skip today.
Just knowing that there are other people counting on me makes me show up for them and myself!
So when I get messages like......
“I haven’t seen a change in your body from this last program you did”
It doesn’t bother me at all.
Because I have been CONSISTENT in this journey for 5 years!!
I don’t believe in reaching a “goal weight” or dress size.
What I do believe in is maintaining a healthy body, and that looks different in everyone.
How many times have you seen people hit a goal and then two months later they are back where they started?
I believe that actually incorporating a healthy lifestyle and being able to MAINTAIN it is the ultimate goal!!
So yeah, you may not have seen a big change in my body over the past 6 weeks.
And that’s ok!
That doesn’t mean the program doesn’t work.
I’ve changed in other ways!!
And the fact that we prepared for a move, packed our entire home, moved through a flipping blizzard and unpacked in our new home in the last 4 weeks and my body didn’t change.......
That’s what I call WINNING!!!
It’s not about doing something for a month and then falling back into hold habits.
It’s about having a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that you can maintain for life!!
So if your looking for that little extra accountability in your journey, I’d love for you to join my Fit Fam!! Comment below for more info!!!💕

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