Tuesday, 5 March 2019

No Gym- No Excuses!

Extreme cold warning!! 🥶
That was the message I saw on my phone when my alarm went off this morning.
It made me thankful to know I didn’t have to go out there, start my car and drive somewhere to get my workout done!!!
I went to the kitchen and mixed up my wake up juice.
I noticed a few of the neighbours cars running, warming them up so they could drive to the gym.
Again I was thankful I didn’t have to do that!
I went down the stairs to the basement, in my workout gear and slippers.
Thankful that I didn’t have to bundle up and go out in the the cold.
I pressed play on my workout, thankful that I have over 3000 workouts to choose from.
I thought about my friend who pays $180 a month to go to her daily one hour workout class.
It’s an hour from here and starts at 6 am.
Again, I was thankful.
I pay $99 for an entire year access to my workouts and I can do them at any time that is convenient for me.
Although I do prefer to do them first thing in the morning. 😉
And I can literally take them anywhere!!
Although I do prefer my warm basement.
There are so many excuses I hear about why people can’t get their workouts done.
But “It's cold out" doesn’t have to be one of them!!!
Stay warm and whatever you do, don't use the weather as an excuse not to take care of you!!

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