Wednesday, 10 April 2019

How Do You Feel After A Vacation?

Morning after a 2 WEEK vacation!!!
My body basically looks the same as it did when I left, but how many people go on a vacation & come back looking significantly different??
Weighing more??
Feeling bloated???
Feeling like crap & then start beating themselves up about enjoying the vacation?? 
AND THEN turn to some sort of crash diet to take it off?!?!?
Our Chef at one dinner actually said “our goal is for you to leave this ship 10 pounds heavier!!”
I am telling you, it doesn’t have to be that way!!!!
You do not need to gain 10 pounds on your vacations just to prove you enjoyed yourself and had a good time!!! 
You can have an amazing vacation and come back looking the same as when you left!!
And don’t think for a second that I didn’t enjoy the frozen mojitos, burgers, fries, nachos with guacamole, or ice cream with the kids!!
Because I definitely indulged!!!
I just didn’t over indulge!!!
You don’t need to have a vacation hangover!!!
That’s not fun!!!!
But it happens when you haven’t found something that is actually maintainable!!
It’s not crash dieting, giving up the foods you love, or exercising for hours on end to balance it out. 
IT’S SIMPLE and it’s the same thing I have followed for the last 5 years!!!
And I’ve helped hundreds of people do it for the last 5 years!!!!
And NOW I’m about to help even more do it with a deeper understanding than I’ve ever given before on how to do it, and why this system works.
This program is literally for everyone & anyone who wants to lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, improve their fitness level by fueling their body for success, reach their kids to eat better, break food and sugar addiction and end emotional eating.
You will be equipped with meal plans, food lists, grocery lists, and over 300 recipes that are all family approved!!!
I will guide you on your journey and be with you every step of the way!!!
And when you start today you’ll also get access to the live filming of 42 BRAND NEW WORKOUTS!!!
Each day will be a different type of 30 minute workout!! 
You’ll also get an additional 10 minute an workout too!!
But today is the LAST DAY to get in and join us for this EPIC Ultimate Wellness Makeover!!
I’ve got your back!!!
Who’s coming with me on the journey that will transform your life? 🙋🏼‍♀️

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