Sunday 14 April 2019

Morning Motivation!

Morning motivation.....where does it come from??
You would not believe the messages I get daily asking me how I get up at 5 am to start my day.
I am not a mythical creature who possesses anything that you don’t have access too.
I’ve simply made it a choice to create good energy habits.
When you have no energy you have no passion, excitement, action, enthusiasm, movement, happiness or vitality.
Lack of energy means you’re tired and tired makes you feel irritable!!
No motivation is an energy problem, not a willpower issue.
You are either blocking your incoming energy or leaking it out.
Picture your willpower as a glass of water.
When you wake up each day the glass is already half empty because you didn’t eat well, think well, or sleep well the night before.
As you go through your day, each choice you make or task you do uses some of that water.
If you don’t know how to contain that water you will end up leaking it all out by the afternoon, which is many people grab those quick sugar spikes on their afternoon breaks, to help them regain that energy.
So what can you do to hold onto that energy and start your day with a full cup of water???
1️⃣ Get a good nights sleep.
Fact - people who don’t get enough sleep have higher food cravings and have more trouble making decisions.
When you’re exhausted you don’t have the energy to make good choices, it’s easier to grab that sugar spiked coffee and donut from the drive through that pack a healthy, energy fueling snack from home.
Sleep is a game changer for me!! But it’s a habit you have to create!!
Did you know your smart phone can set an alarm for bedtime???
I know it sounds crazy to set a bedtime alarm but I know if I don’t get enough sleep I am one cranky Moma the next day and NO ONE wants that!!
Shoot for 7-8 hours of sleep time.
2️⃣ Morning Mantra, Meditation & Gratitude 
Listen, I love sleep just as much as the next person, and hearing that alarm go off at 4:45 is NOT music to my hears.
But I have a choice when I hear it.
Hit snooze and continue to sleep with my dreams.
Wake up and chase those dreams and make them a reality!!
So when I hear my alarm that’s exactly what I say to myself...then 5,4,3,2,1....GO!!!
Once I’ve made it to my basement I curl up and sit quietly for 5 minutes and just listen to my body.
It’s called Sense-Drenching Meditation.
What do I see, hear, smell, taste, touch. 
I focus on each one for about a minute getting as focused and detailed as possible.
Then I open I morning gratitude journal and list of three things I am grateful for, 3 things that would make today great and write out my daily affirmation.
3️⃣ Move it
When you don’t move your body and mind don’t function properly.
Moving is a part of who we are.
Way back in our past we didn’t have time to sit!!! We were too busy gathering food, water, building shelters, hunting, cooking, washing clothes, making clothes, and so much more!!!
And now all our modern day conveniencs have created all these first-world problems that we never thought would be problems.
We need our bodies way more than they need us so get up and MOVE your body and get that energy flowing!!
Find a way that you LIKE to move and keep showing up!!!
4️⃣ Fuel your Body
When you are full of toxic stuff it’s hard for anything to flow - mentally or physically.
Food is the biggest blocks I have seen people suffer with, myself included!!
And if it were just food it would an easy fix, but it’s not just food.
It’s that we use and view food as just about everything except as an energy-rich fuel for our bodies.
I have used food as a reward, a loyal friend, entertainment, a crutch, a punishment, a mind-numbing drug, and so much more.
I have been addicted to it, repulsed by it, scared of it, cried over it, panicked over it and felt imprisoned by it.
Rule of thumb - if you want to feel good eat food from the earth!!
Get clear on how you want to feel and ask yourself before you order, eat or check out at the grocery till - How is this going to make me feel??? Will it give me more energy or will it drain me??
The only difference between where you are now and where you want to go is what you are currently settling for.
Until you choose you, I mean really CHOOSE YOU, you will continue to start your days with a cup that is half full.
You can’t pour into others if your cup isn’t already full!!
I hope that these tips help you fill your cup and that each morning it gets a little closer to full.

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