Saturday 6 April 2019

Spring Cleaning!

Spring has sprung and that means… SPRING CLEANING!
The annual ritual of clearing out the weeds in your life!!!!
Maybe that makes you excited.... and maybe it doesn’t!!! 😂
But did you know that clutter is a huge trigger of stress and anxiety for many people?!??
And nobody needs that negativity in their lives! 
Remember, a healthy mind is JUST as important as a healthy body!
You see, we don’t just focus on health and fitness in our groups!!!
We have lots of other fun challenges too!!
It really is the Ultimate Wellness Makeover!!! 
And to celebrate Spring, every Tuesday this month is Tidy Up Tuesday!!!
We are tidying up the spaces we frequently interact with and ditching the clutter so that we can step into spring feeling lighter and more ready to embrace what this new season has to offer!!!! 
Today’s challenge....... DETAIL THE CAR!!!!
We all spend a lot of time in our vehicles!!!
And if you’ve got kids like mine … oh man you know how messy it can get!!!
Honestly, it feels so much better when your car is clean!!!
It’s been so fun to see everyone’s smiling faces from their clean cars!!!!
Now here’s the big question......
Do you like to do the entire detailing yourself at home in your driveway??? Chad sure does!!
Or do you take it to a car wash where you still do the washing??
Or are you like me..... drop it off and get it detailed???

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