My 22 Minute Hard Corps Results

This program was exactly what I needed to kick off the New Year!!

In 8 weeks I lost 9 pounds and over 11 inches!! In just 22 minutes a day for 56 days!!!!  These are hands down the BEST results I have ever gotten with a program or any workout and in the least amount of time!!

I have more energy, I am sleeping better and I can’t believe how much stronger I am!!

I completed my FIT test this morning and was blown away!! Day 1 I could do 4 pull ups – today 12!!! Never though I would be able to do that!!

You are going to LOVE this program!!

The meal plan is VERY simple to follow! The workouts REALLY are 22 minutes! You get a SANDBAG to throw around! And Tony Horton kicks your butt with NEW MILITARY-INSPIRED moves!

So many times I hear the excuse of “not having enough time” to workout … not anymore!! EVERYONE can find 22 minutes a day to workout! Wake up just a little earlier, workout while the kids are napping, or push play for a quick sweat when you get home from work.

Knowing that the workouts were only 22 minutes is something that kept me motivated me to #GetSome! These workouts are short, sweet and effective!!